Bananas have been proven to be beneficial for people with high blood pressure: the fruit can effectively lower blood pressure

Although people with high blood pressure are often told to cut down on salt, a new study by scientists has revealed that eating bananas is much more beneficial for us.

A recent study by scientists revealed that it is not necessary to give up salt to combat high blood pressure, just eating a few bananas is enough. Often people suffering from such problems are advised to limit themselves in eating certain foods, so this scientific study stands out among many studies and invites us, on the contrary, to turn our attention to sweet fruits, writes The Telegraph.

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Scientists examined data from a large study called the Salt Substitutes and Stroke Study. In this project, researchers followed nearly 21,000 people in China for five years. These people had either had a stroke before or were over 60 years old and had high blood pressure. Half continued to eat their regular salt, while the other half were given a special mixture in which some of the salt was replaced with potassium.

The results turned out to be very interesting. Thanks to a special mixture, blood pressure values ​​of people who got a little more potassium in their diet improved. There was also a reduced risk of stroke and heart disease. When scientists analyzed all the data, it turned out that increasing potassium levels in the body is an important element in improving health; This accounts for the lion’s share of the blood pressure-lowering effect.

Although this scientific study talks about the benefits of potassium for our body, the facts are slow to listen because a large number of people around the world do not consume enough potassium on a daily basis. Polly Huang, author of the study, says most people do not reach the recommended limit of 3.5 grams per day because their salt intake is unusual.

Bananas are not the only source of potassium. It is found in spinach, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, legumes and nuts. The problem is that most potassium-rich foods lose their potency when processed, making bananas one of the best sources.

This whole situation with potassium and salt has some scientists thinking it’s time to change the official recommendations for blood pressure control. A growing number of experts from around the world are suggesting that increased potassium intake should be included. Currently, predominantly Chinese and European studies support potassium’s ability to lower blood pressure.

But don’t eat a large amount of bananas right away, as too much potassium can also be a problem, but you will need to eat a moderate amount of bananas to reach this level.

Scientists think that reducing salt intake is a good step towards better health, but paying more attention to potassium can bring even more benefits to our body. Given that high blood pressure is a serious problem that leads to stroke and heart disease, finding simple and practical ways to keep it under control is a crucial aspect of maintaining our overall health.

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