Solar panels will be placed in the eyes: Why would scientists conduct such an experiment on humans?

Photocells will energize the optic nerves and transmit signals to the brain, and the person who has lost his or her vision will be able to see again.

Scientists at the University of New South Wales (Australia) have created solar cells from substances called germanium and gallium arsenide to stimulate the optic nerves of people who have lost their vision. That’s why researchers plan to restore vision, NewAtlas reported.

Scientists have found that vision can be restored by literally finding a power source for the optic nerves to transmit impulses from them to the brain. Such a source could be lenses made of germanium (germanium is a semimetal, semiconductor) or gallium arsenide (gallium arsenide is a chemical compound of gallium and arsenic, a semiconductor). In addition to feeding the optic nerves, such lenses can also serve as image sensors.

The prototype lenses have the same structure as traditional solar panels. It consists of an array of photocells consisting of several layers. Thanks to this structure, it is possible to obtain high-resolution image output as well as the voltage required to power the optic nerves. Meanwhile, researchers emphasize that their nutrition will occur by capturing a very wide spectrum of sunlight.

A prototype of solar cells for eyes is currently being tested and is already showing good results. Lenses measuring 1 square centimeter were tested on animals. In the future, lenses will shrink to 2 square millimeters and pixels to 50 microns.


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Scientists state that their development will not give people 100 percent vision, as “built-in” vision will still be black and white and low-resolution. But this will make it possible to see the outlines of objects, light sources and shadows. Researchers believe that solar eye sensors alone will not be sufficient, and an additional headset such as smart glasses with a laser system will most likely be needed. The task the developers set for themselves is to restore vision and do it wirelessly.

We have previously written that gadgets can be powered by light even in a room. Thanks to a special dye, Ambient Photonics solar panels produce enough energy to power a computer mouse or TV remote control.

Source: Focus


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