New traffic rules, examination began in the Chamber on March 14, 2024 0

He started The Chamber of Deputies is considering a bill on traffic rules reform. Yesterday, March 13, numerous amendments were voted on and the first articles were approved. Work will resume on Tuesday, March 19, when the final vote will take place. Approved text then it will move to the Senate.

If there are no problems, the changes will take effect in a few weeks. However, if the Senate wants to make some changes, the time could be extended, given that a new passage in the House would be required. We’ll see what happens, even if the bill has a good chance of going into effect once it leaves the House.


News There will be many of them, and some of them have been formalized through the adoption of some of the amendments that we recently talked about.

Let’s remember some of them. For example, for me Electric scooters require a license plate and insurance.. Also, in order to travel, everyone must wear a helmet, not just minors. Shared scooters will be required to automatically lock when they leave an authorized area. To protect cyclists, motorists are required to maintain a distance of one and a half meters when overtaking a bicycle.

Today, motorcycles with a displacement of less than 150 cc or a power of less than 11 kW, if they are electric, cannot be driven on highways. As a result of the reform, the minimum requirements are reduced to 120 cc and 6 kW. However, you must be of legal age to travel on the motorway.

News also for new drivers. With the traffic rules reform, restrictions will be in force not for one year, but for three. However, they will be able to drive more powerful cars. Thus, for three years, the movement of vehicles with a specific power relative to their own weight of more than 75 kW/t will be prohibited. In the case of M1 category vehicles, including electric or hybrid vehicles, an additional maximum power limit of 105 kW applies.

This is coming too short and automatic license suspension for those who score fewer than 20 points (seven-day suspension) or 10 (15-day suspension) and commit certain offenses including using mobile phones while driving, not using seat belts and child seats, and driving the wrong way.

A. will also be presented Tougher penalties for driving a car with a blood alcohol content higher than 0.8 g/l. Within two or three years there will be an obligation to comply with the ban on alcohol consumption and to drive only vehicles equipped with an alcohol lock. The text also includes innovations for driving under the influence of drugs. In effect, the requirement that being in a state of intoxication is classified as a crime of driving under the influence of drugs has been eliminated. One positive test for the presence of substances in the body (also done on site) will be enough to cause license revocation and a three-year disqualification.

Author: Filippo VendrameSOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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