Pills do not help blood pressure: what is resistant hypertension and how to deal with it

Scientists have discovered why we often develop hypertension that does not respond to conventional drug treatment, and also offered methods by which we can prevent the disease from worsening.

High blood pressure is an insidious problem that our bodies don’t always signal before it causes problems with the heart, kidneys and blood vessels. When it becomes stubborn, refusing to budge even after taking multiple medications, we develop resistant hypertension. This difficult situation not only makes us feel worse, but also increases our risk of serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke. Knowridge writes that scientists decided to find out why some people are particularly prone to this dangerous condition.

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Researchers have recently been investigating why some people’s blood pressure remains high despite treatment. They found a variety of reasons, including how differently our bodies respond to medications and how lifestyle choices like too much salt or too little physical activity affect our health. Conditions such as obesity, sleep apnea and kidney disease also play a role in making high blood pressure difficult to manage.

To manage resistant hypertension, it is necessary to approach it from different perspectives, the study says. This means adjusting your medication plan, making lifestyle changes, and addressing other health problems. Dietary changes, such as eating less salty snacks and eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as regular exercise, can significantly improve the condition, the authors say. For some, addressing certain health issues, such as sleep apnea, may be a critical key to better blood pressure control.

From studying potential new drugs and how they affect us to advanced surgical techniques, scientists are looking for ways to better target the underlying causes of resistant hypertension. This study is good news for anyone trying to keep their blood pressure under control. He argues that with a holistic and individualized approach, it is possible to overcome this complex disease and pave the way for a healthy future.

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