Subaru, agreement with Panasonic for the supply of batteries March 19, 2024 1

Subaru let’s focus on batteries with cylindrical cells made by Panasonic for their future electric vehicles. The Japanese automaker essentially announced that it had reached a supply agreement with the battery manufacturer. Last summer, news emerged that the two companies were in talks to establish a medium- to long-term partnership. The discussions that have now led to this agreement.

This makes Panasonic a very important partner for Subaru in terms of its growth.


Two companies they didn’t want to give specific details according to the signed agreement. They limited themselves to commenting on the ad as follows:

By signing this signature, both companies reaffirm their commitment to jointly contribute to solving various problems, such as creating a zero-carbon society, promoting sustainable growth in the automotive and battery sectors, supporting local employment and human resource development.

We don’t even know anything about the specifications of the cylindrical elements that Panasonic will supply to the automaker, nor about the annual supply level. According to past rumors about ongoing talks between the two companies, Panasonic batteries are expected to be used in the next-generation models that Subaru expects to build in the second half of the decade at a new plant in Gunma, Japan.

More details there will be an agreement in any case revealed later. Subaru says information about specific projects will be announced at the appropriate time. So all that remains is to wait to find out more.

Author: Filippo Vendrame

Source: HD Motori


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