Abarth special edition 1300 OT launched for Abarth’s 75th anniversary April 12, 2024 4

To celebrate 75th Anniversary of Abarth, Stellantis Heritage Team decided to celebrate this anniversary with two significant events: exhibition opened at the Heritage Center in which the important stages of the House of Scorpio and Project “Abarth Classiche 1300 OT”.

As for the exhibition, the display consists of 12 vehicles located at the entrance to the museum complex and a further 26 vehicles scattered throughout the Heritage Centre. Among the 12 cars in the “front row” we find, for example, the first 500 designed by Carlo Abarth, which broke six speed and endurance records at the Monza circuit in 1958. Even the brand new Abarth 695 75th Anniversario is missing, which pays tribute to the history of the Scorpio and the 1.4 T-Jet engine. The exhibition will be open to the public for approximately three months, starting today, April 12, and will be included with the Heritage Hub tour ticket.


A new project, embodied in a 1:3 scale model, was also presented at the festive exhibition. This is a car developed by Heritage for pay tribute to the Fiat-Abarth OT 1300 of the past. Included in Heritage’s “Reloaded by Creators” project, this special edition will allow enthusiasts to experience a new interpretation of the iconic 1960s car.

As the Stellantis Heritage team said, the model of the past, based on a modification of the Fiat 850, was distinguished by maneuverability and power. It had a fiberglass hull and a later installed “periscope” badge to cool the cabin.

So today Stellantis has decided to create a new interpretation of this car from the past. Technically the car is based on Abarth Classiche 1000 SP project. The body, now made from carbon fiber, once again features the historic car’s signature periscope, reimagined with a modern twist. Then we have a perspex rear window with cooling slits and a large rear engine bay grille with “Abarth” lettering. The front end is reminiscent of the Abarth sports cars of yesteryear, with large vents meant for cooling.

This special model will be produced in five copies and is already available to order. Interested parties can visit the Heritage website for more information.

Author: Filippo Vendrame

Source: HD Motori


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