Volvo is working on hydrogen-powered trucks. First tests in 2026 May 25, 2024 0

Volvo Trucks is working in several directions to achieve its goal net zero target and support customers in achieving their decarbonization goals. The company is also considering with interest hydrogen powered trucks which can be suitable over long distances and in regions where charging infrastructure or time to recharge batteries is limited.

However, we are not talking about electric trucks equipped with a fuel cell system (on which Volvo is already involved), but about cars with a classic internal combustion engine using hydrogen instead of conventional fuel. Volvo Trucks believes trucks powered by green hydrogen instead of fossil fuels could be a way to decarbonize transport.


The manufacturer is already working on this technology and intends to start first road tests in 2026. If development does not slow down, the goal is to launch the first models on the market by the end of this decade.

Thus, trucks with internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen will complement Volvo’s offering, i.e. battery electric trucks, fuel cell electric trucks and trucks powered by renewable fuels such as biogas and hydrotreated vegetable oil.

The company explains that the engines, which will use hydrogen as fuel, will be equipped with a high-pressure direct injection (HPDI) system.

This is a technology that involves injecting a small amount of fuel at high pressure to provide compression ignition before adding hydrogen. The benefits of this technology include higher energy efficiency with lower fuel consumption and increased engine power.

Volvo Group has signed an agreement with Westport Fuel Systems to form a joint venture using HPDI technology. Regarding its future hydrogen-powered trucks, the company adds that the goal is for them to have a driving range comparable to that of many diesel trucks, depending on the vehicle type.

Author: Filippo Vendrame

Source: HD Motori


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