The new FIAT 500 hybrid will appear in early 2026 June 07, 2024 30

Restart of the Mirafiori plant will take place through the arrival of the new FIAT 500 hybrid, which will be produced at this plant. The hybrid model will join the FIAT 500e, which will receive a technical update in the future that will also make it more affordable.

When will the new FIAT 500 hybrid debut? According to a statement from the car manufacturer, the arrival is expected. between the end of 2025 and the beginning of 2026. In short, we’ll have to wait a little longer before we can see it on the road. About this new project, Olivier FrancoisFIAT CEO commented:

FIAT is proud to be the standard bearer of Italy in the world. Italy represents our foundations, our driving force and our future. And Mirafiori is one of our engines, representing Italy, its people, its values, its pride and 500. But today 90% of Mirafiori products are sent abroad. To increase the number of 500s on Italian roads and meet the needs of Italian customers, we have decided to launch a new 500 Hybrid, bearing an Italian name, which will be designed and styled in Turin and proudly made in Mirafiori. It is clear that Mirafiori plays a strategic role for the brand and that we continue to invest in Italy, in the 500 and in Mirafiori.


We still know little about what the new hybrid FIAT 500 will be like. There the platform will be the one used today for the electric FIAT 500e. which will be modified to be able to integrate an internal combustion engine. The engine will be supplied from the Stellantis plant in Termoli, the exhaust system will be produced in Naples and the gearbox will also be produced in Mirafiori.

According to what has emerged, the new model should continue to useFirefly’s one-litre three-cylinder mild hybrid unit from the existing 500. which produces 70 hp. However, it is possible that the engine could be updated, given that the debut of the new model is still a long way off.

Francois Olivier said that the new 500 hybrid will cost “several hundred eurosMore than the current model. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for news about the development of this new machine.

Author: Filippo VendrameVIAFONTE

Source: HD Motori


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