Apple shows CarPlay 2.0 at WWDC 2024: what the car system will look like on June 11, 2024 2

During WWDC 2024, which opened yesterday with announcements of iOS 18, Apple Intelligence, macOS Sequoia and other operating systems, in the first sessions entirely dedicated to developers, Apple touched on the topicevolution of CarPlay. In fact, Apple’s system appears to have reached a crossroads. After the completion of the Apple Car project, if Cupertino wants to secure a leading role in the automotive sector, it must definitely focus on CarPlay.

And not on the CarPlay Android Auto competitor, which is already widely used by iPhone owners, but on the CarPlay Android Automotive competitor, which is clearly less widespread. Google’s little green robot can increasingly be seen integrated into modern cars, representing the software on which the vehicle’s entire control and entertainment system is based. Apple CarPlay no, it has attracted a handful of manufacturers.

Apple: First beta (no AI) of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia and watchOS 11

Apple: first beta (no AI) of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia and watchOS 11 26

June 11

Here you are, Apple needs to fix this problem. He must understand the reason why manufacturers are still choosing Android Automotive en masse and remove the barriers to CarPlay adoption. Meanwhile, WWDC 2024 developers were shown an important evolutionary step for CarPlay “in the car”, what we defined in the past as “Carplay 2.0” to highlight the importance of steps forward. Traces of the new generation of the system, which will be ready for distribution in the second half of the year, appeared back in January, in beta version 1 of iOS 17.4. Now Apple has revealed Several images are in the public domain.


“CarPlay 2.0” photos shown several new screens, including Vehicle, Media or Climate, screens and environments that can be customized to help car manufacturers differentiate their system from competitors’ systems, even if they are essentially the same. Apple also showed this at WWDC. variety of options and layouts which will allow us to “attract” builders.

Apple also showed a screenshot car settingsdesigned for climate control and integration of rear parking cameras.

Space also for electric mobilityApple displays a warning about completion of chargingperfectly integrated into the home screen, and one (that looks more like a popup window) for accessibility software update for auto.

THAT time of appearance of the new generation of CarPlay technically they are defined, but in practice they are still not defined. This has been expected since the announcement of iOS 16 in June 2022. The first compatible cars were originally scheduled to arrive at the end of 2023, but have now been pushed back to a more general “2024.” Unfortunately, at WWDC 2024, at least so far, this topic was not addressed.

Author: Giuseppe BiondoVIAVIAFONTE

Source: HD Motori


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