CarPlay is a must-have for new car buyers. This was revealed by a survey on June 21, 2024 28

CarPlay, Apple’s in-car infotainment system, continues to influence drivers’ purchasing decisions. New poll conducted by McKinsey & Company and published by Automotive News shows that for 30% of electric vehicle buyers worldwide, the lack of CarPlay is a barrier to purchase.. The percentage increases to 35% for those focusing on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Looking specifically at the US market, the numbers change a bit, but CarPlay remains a key factor. According to the study, 25% of American electric vehicle buyers say they would not consider a vehicle without CarPlay. For gasoline vehicles, this percentage rises to 38%.

The study also examined users’ willingness to spend more on smartphone integration. 30% of electric vehicle buyers and 17% of gasoline car buyers said they would be willing to do so. These figures are lower than those from a survey conducted 9to5Mac last year among more than 6,000 readers (mostly Apple users): 80% of respondents said they wouldn’t buy a car without CarPlay.

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Differences in data may be due to the purposes of the two surveys: the McKinsey & Company survey is broader and more diverse, while the McKinsey & Company survey 9to5Mac consisted mainly of Apple users. Moreover, the less-than-linear launch of the next generation of CarPlay may have impacted brand perception.

Despite possible numerical differences, the McKinsey & Company study confirms that CarPlay remains a deciding factor for many new car buyers. However, the decline in interest revealed by some surveys and growing competition from other infotainment systems such as Android Auto, suggest that CarPlay’s dominance may not last forever. Car manufacturers will have to take this evolution into account and offer comprehensive and competitive infotainment solutions to attract an ever-growing number of customers.

Speaking about improvements to CarPlay, during WWDC 2024 Apple touched on the topic of its evolution. Then he showed a glimpse Carplay 2.0a new generation of the system, which will be ready for distribution in the second half of the year.

Author: Adamo GencoVIAFONTE

Source: HD Motori


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