The “stuffing” of the “Shahed” drone in Ukraine was completely recreated: what happened (video)

According to cybersecurity expert Artem Karpinsky, the Russian UAV will go to “fulfill its mission” on the international stage.

In Ukraine, the assembly and connections of the electronic components of the Iranian Shahed-136 attack unmanned aerial vehicle used by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the war were made. Relevant images were published on the Facebook page of Ukrainian cybersecurity expert Artem Karpinsky.

According to Artem Karpinsky, the enemy drone “was blown to pieces almost down to the last piece.” Then, it will go to “fulfill its duty” on the international stage with its new owners.

“The time will come when I will send your royal relatives in the opposite direction, ‘lady’,” the publication says.

In the comments, Artem Karpinsky also explained that we are talking about one of the variations of the Shahed-136 drone with Mark3 navigation. He demonstrated the “stuffing” of the enemy UAV with photos and videos.

Let us recall that in March last year, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine told what the Shahed UAV consists of. It turned out that most of the parts were produced by Western countries, but due to sanctions these parts were not supposed to reach Iran.

In June this year, Sergei Beskrestnov, a military and radio technology expert of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted that students in the Russian Federation were assembling Shahed drones, also equipping them with 4G modems, video cameras, controllers, Raspberry single-board computers and other devices.

Source: Focus


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