“Must be prepared”: What happens to the internet due to outages (video)

Ukrainian providers use different technologies to ensure the operation of the Internet without electricity, but the availability of communications also depends on the users themselves.

Cutting programs have come into effect again in Ukraine. Some Internet providers have prepared for this by equipping their homes with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), but users still face a lack of landline connectivity. Sergei Sukhoruk, head of the Kyivstar landline communications department, explained why this happened in an interview with Economic Pravda.

Sergey Sukhoruk noted that the company purchased more than 50 thousand UPSs for more than 23.4 thousand apartments, and also replaced some batteries in the UPS installed during the first wave of power outages. New types of batteries that charge faster and hold a charge longer are also being tested. The UPS is designed to operate for 4 hours, but sometimes it disconnects earlier.

However, the UPS needs to be fully charged to work for 4 hours, sometimes it takes 8 hours. During power outages, the battery does not have time to charge to 100%, so its service life is reduced. Network congestion also affects the operating time of the UPS, so during outages it is worth giving up “heavy” content – watching videos and making video calls.

Sometimes there is light at home but still no internet. Such situations are associated with the features of creating an FTTB network (fiber optics in the building), which involves connecting houses with a ring. For example, if in one house the power supply has not yet been restored, the next schedule suggests 4 hours of power and 8 hours of absence, and in the other – 2 hours of power and 8 hours of absence, then it is the last house that creates problems for the entire chain. The battery in the UPS does not have time to charge, so the entire public is left without high-quality internet.

In order to have access to a landline connection even when there is a power outage, Ukrainians are advised to pay attention to backup power for the Wi-Fi router and ONU terminal. Even if the UPS is charged and working, these devices will not work without light. A powerbank or mini UPS with a capacity of at least 10,000 mAh is suitable for charging.

“Users should also be prepared for long outages. Even if the provider guarantees 72 hours of network operation, and your Wi-Fi router connected to its own backup power supply can only work for 2 hours, you will still have no internet during this period. There will be no long outages,” the company noted.

Sergei Sukhoruk also noted that Kyivstar uses GPON and FTTB technologies to provide internet during outages. FTTB technology is more comprehensive and familiar in terms of connectivity and as a result, most Ukrainians use it. In contrast, GPON requires replacement of the ONU terminal’s power cable. This network is more suitable for the private sector and new high-rise buildings, where the developer installs fiber optic lines between floors leading to each apartment.

There are also providers in Ukraine that use DOCSIS (data transmission standard over television cable) or DSL (data transmission standard using local telephone network) technology. All of them can operate in conditions of power outages to some extent, but the operating time directly depends on the investment of the provider.

“Generally, when there is a power outage for 3-4 hours, you should pay attention to the resistance of the network, not the type of connection. See if the provider has enough staff for maintenance, how much capacity the batteries cost. and whether there is a prepared reserve to replace batteries during long-term outages,” concluded Sergei Sukhoruk.

Let us remind you that most modern smartphones are equipped with a mobile hotspot function, which allows you to distribute mobile Internet in the absence of electricity or home Internet.

Additionally, if Wi-Fi coverage is poor, you can quickly strengthen the signal and increase its range using a smartphone.

Source: Focus


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