Will wind and solar power plants help prevent collapse of Ukraine’s energy sector: opinion

Experts believe that a rapid transition to alternative energy sources will not only help prevent blackouts, but will also render useless any further attacks by the Russian Armed Forces on Ukraine’s energy sector.

More and more solar and wind power plants are appearing in Ukraine because the country’s energy sector is under constant attack by the Russian Armed Forces. The chairman of the board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Andrey Konechenkov and the chairman of the board of the Ukrainian Solar Energy Association Vladislav Sokolovsky said in an interview with Obozrevatel whether alternative sources can keep the energy industry afloat.

Konechenkov assured that the country has good potential for wind stations with an average annual wind speed of 7-8 m/s at an altitude of 120 m. It is noteworthy that such wind speeds are observed not in some regions, but in the territory of Ukraine. special areas. But the southern and western parts of the country, especially Transcarpathia, are windier and therefore more promising.

Sokolovsky believes that solar energy in Ukraine will develop no worse than wind energy. Any resident of the country can learn interesting details about the potential of alternative energy sources on the Re-Explorer website by entering the coordinates of any region.

Answering the question of whether solar and wind power plants can support Ukraine’s partially destroyed energy sector, Andrei Konechenkov noted that wind power plants are not as easy to hit with missiles as thermal power plants. The fact is that the wind power station is decentralized – the turbines are located 500-700 m from each other, and if you hit two or three of them, the station will continue to work. Moreover, repairing a wind turbine is faster and easier than a thermal power plant.

Vladislav Sokolovsky believes that if the infrastructure is large enough, the country can be satisfied with only solar energy throughout the summer, and this is what we should strive for. According to him, with sufficient solar energy production, summers will pass without interruptions, and in autumn and winter, solar energy will support Ukraine’s energy system.

According to the National Energy and Climate Plan, our country needs to reach a 27 percent “green” energy share in total final consumption by 2030 and produce more than 90 percent of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2050.

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Source: Focus


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