Kate Middleton breaks her US fan in tears

The Princess of Wales and Prince William continue their US tour, where they are welcomed by a fan base.

Kate Middleton and Prince William came to the USA as part of their tour. They were incredibly warmly received in both Boston and Massachusetts. The Daily Mail writes about it.

The first days of the tour were full of events, and Kate has already managed to change clothes several times. The Prince and Princess of Wales were able to attend a basketball game and Roca, a non-profit organization working with young people caught in the middle of urban violence.

After visiting the organization’s headquarters, Kate and William met with fans waiting for them outside. And it turns out that the popularity of the Prince and Princess of Wales in the United States is as high as in their homeland.

They took selfies, yelled at them, and even burst into tears when a young woman, Kate, approached her. “You’re very nice, thank you for everything,” said the woman, taking Kate’s hand.

Ashley Langan, 20, another fan of Kate and William, held up a banner that read “Welcome to Boston, Your Highness” and was overjoyed when the couple chatted with her.

“This is truly a dream come true. If I told myself 10 years ago this would happen, I wouldn’t have believed it. I love them as a couple and admire what they do,” Ashley said.

And outside Greentown Labs, a company that develops climate innovation, Kate Middleton and Prince William are greeted by eight-year-old Henry, who dresses like a member of the Royal Guard: a red uniform and a fur hat.

Henry handed the guest a bouquet of red roses and asked him why the couple’s eldest son, Prince George, had not come with them to the United States.

Kate said that George had to stay home so he wouldn’t miss school.

“It was great. Meeting the prince and princess is just crazy. I was nervous approaching them. Now I want to tell all my friends that I’m famous!” Henry shared his feelings from the meeting. And he explained that he bought the guards not for the arrival of Prince William and his wife, but long before, after he had gone to London with his family to see the changing of the guard.

Recall that the visit of Kate Middleton and Prince William to the United States took place against the backdrop of a racist scandal at Buckingham Palace, in the middle of which was William’s godmother, Lady Susan Hussey.

And William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, has released a trailer for a movie about himself, Meghan Markle and their separation from the royal family. The trailer showed archival photos hinting at “explosive” and possibly scandalous content, but Kate and William managed to keep their cool.

Previously, there were rumors that they might meet with Harry and Meghan during a visit to the USA, but most likely this will not happen.

Source: Focus


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