January 3, 2023: St. Peter – what not to do today

Today it is better not to make promises and swear, and it is also forbidden to lift any objects from the ground.

What happened today:

Today, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Saint Peter, Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Russia, born in the second half of the 13th century. At the age of 12 he entered a monastery, where he studied iconography and Scripture. One of the icons of Peter is miraculous – “Peter”. The saint died on December 21, 1326.

Things not to do on January 2nd:

► spying and eavesdropping

► I wish you happiness and health

► make promises and vows

► remove any object from the ground

Folk signs and beliefs:

► What is Peter, so will September

► there is a lot of snow today – to a good harvest.

► If the snow has not fallen yet, the year will be difficult and unproductive.

► If the snow is low and the weather is cold, the summers are hot and dry.

Angel Day is celebrated:

Leonty, Michael, Nikita, Peter, Procopius, Sergei, Ulyana, Themistocles, Feophan, Filaret

Born today:

1892 – John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (d. 1973), English writer, linguist, philologist, author of The Lord of the Rings trilogy

1956 – Mel Gibson, Australian-born American actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, winner of two Oscars and a Golden Globe

1969 – Gerda Weissensteiner, Italian toboggan and luge, Olympic champion in luge (1994)

1969 – Michael Schumacher, German racing driver, 7-time world champion in the Formula 1 class

2003 – Greta Thunberg, Swedish schoolgirl, environmental activist

Also on this day:

1638 – The Netherlands’ first permanent theater opens in Schauburg, Amsterdam.

1870 – Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge begins

1888 – American businessman Marvin Stone patented a straw for cocktails in Washington. At that time straws were made of paper.

1977 – The first Apple computer is produced.

Source: Focus


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