Hearty breakfast. How to cook an omelet with toast in the oven?

This way of making omelets is called “layer” and is made in the USA.

Strata is a traditional American dish. It resembles a frittata, an omelet and a casserole at the same time. This is a simple but tasty and very satisfying dish for the whole family.

In addition, you can add whatever you want to it: more ham or more vegetables or delicious toast. It is the croutons that make the seemingly ordinary omelet a layer. So be sure to try it.

Odessa food blogger, who writes under the pseudonym “with carrots from Odessa”, shared her version of cooking this simple appetizing dish.



  • 6 slices of toast bread (or any white bread like baguette)
  • six eggs;
  • Ham – 200 g;
  • green onions;
  • milk – 300 ml;
  • hard cheese – 100 g;
  • Worcester sauce – 1 tbsp. l. (may be replaced with soy or not added at all);
  • Butter – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • Salt, some Dijon mustard and pepper.

First, preheat the oven to 175 degrees. Heat the vegetable oil and butter mixture in a pan. You can limit yourself to only vegetables. Cut the bread into small squares and bake in butter over medium heat until golden brown. It is better to do this in a cast-iron skillet, which you then send to the oven with all its contents.

Add finely chopped ham and green onions to the bread, fry for a minute. In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, grated cheese, Worcestershire sauce, salt, mustard and pepper. Mix everything with a whisk and pour over the bread, ham and onions. You don’t need to mix it.

Send the pan to the oven for 20 minutes. Bake until the top is golden brown. Strat is ready. Just cut into portions and serve.

This dish can be prepared with any meat, even baked chicken. You can make it completely meatless by adding more cheese and, for example, boiled broccoli left over from dinner. Mustard and Worcestershire sauce add spice and authenticity to the layers. But you can do without them.

You can also cook a delicious souffle omelet in the oven with sour cream and herbs.

Source: Focus


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