Quest Pistols sang in Ukrainian: the new voice of the cult hit (video)

Fans enthusiastically accepted the new sound of their favorite song and appreciated the revival of the “golden” lineup of the group.

Yesterday, the clip of the popular Ukrainian group “Quest Pistols”, which translated the cult hit “I’m your dope” into Ukrainian, was premiered on Youtube.

The music and dance group Quest Pistols, which debuted in the TV project Chance in 2007, has repeatedly changed their star roster and has joined forces to aid the Ukrainian army since 2022. The musicians updated the track and translated the famous hit “I am your medicine” into Ukrainian.

The new version titled “I am your medicine” was also presented with a new video sequence. Unlike the old clip from about 13 years ago, an animated video created using 3D graphics was posted on the band’s YouTube channel.

The plot of the cartoon repeats the plot of the clip with the same musicians who were in the original lineup of the group on the days of the first premiere of the popular song.

“I am your medicine” is a reflection of crazy love. Emotions that blow the roof and break down all barriers. Love is the guiding force for every Ukrainian. Love inspires and leads us to victory. Musicians, in the description of the new video, we invite you to dive into the alternate universe of Quest Pistols and feel the energy that the band shares with everyone.

Recall that the original version of the cult hit was presented on the YouTube platform on April 1, 2010. The song quickly gained popularity among Ukrainian listeners, so in the comments below the new video, fans of the group expressed their great joy at the transition to a new format and the return of the “classic lineup” of the participants.

At the end of May 2022, former members of the group Anton Savlepov, Konstantin Borovsky and Nikita Goryuk announced that they would unite as part of a Europe-wide charity tour to help Ukraine.

In August 2021, he wrote that the lead singer of the groups Focus, Agon and Quest Pistols, Ukrainian singer Anton Savlepov, married Russian actress Irina Gorbacheva.

Earlier, in June 2022, Yuriy Bardash, the Ukrainian producer and founder of the Kruzheva Music production center, which includes the successful Quest Pistols project, posted a story on Instagram in which he compared Ukrainian slogans with German Nazism.

Source: Focus


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