“I have never provided military assistance”: Ani Lorak commented on rumors about the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The singer stressed that she values ​​​​his fans both in Russia and in Ukraine. Ani Lorak also denied the information that she helped the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the income from the concerts.

The singer Ani Lorak, who moved to Russia, reacted to the cancellation of her concerts in Krasnodar. Lorak wrote this on her official Instagram page.

“I also want to say that I have never provided military aid, as some media and politicians claim without evidence. Because I can only help as part of a humanitarian mission, which is what I have been doing all my life,” Yıldız wrote. .

Thus, Lorak responded to suspicions that he allegedly transferred all the income from concerts in Ukraine to the army.

“I want to make it clear that I do not support any form of violence and it breaks my heart that people die as a result of conflicts,” the artist said.

Also, Karolina (real name of the singer – ed.) touched on the issue of moving to Russia. She claims that after the Honor Revolution she had no other choice and was banned from singing on stage.

“In 2014, on March 25, it was learned that some political figures in Ukraine wanted to use me for their own purposes, and I could not participate in it,” Lorak said.

According to the singer, he was given an ultimatum.

“I was given only two options: either you play our game and do what we tell you, or you don’t sing in this country,” said Carolina.

He also emphasized that it is only in Russia that he continues to grow as an artist.

Ani Lorak also addressed her audience. She asked her not to believe everything the media wrote about her. The singer stressed that she values ​​her international audience and believes that one day music can unite everyone.

Recall that on March 15, concerts of Ani Lorak began to be canceled in Russia. A big event in Krasnodar, a third of which was sold out, was canceled after the singer decided to organize a charity concert to raise money and donate money to the victims of Russian aggression.

Earlier it was learned that Ani Lorak gave concerts in Russia, but she did not want to communicate with local journalists and just left. He was going to have concerts in Turkey and Europe, but it was cancelled.

Source: Focus


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