Priyanka Chopra shows off her perfect black dress (photo)

The screen star is actively promoting her new drama.

40-year-old Indian actress and model Priyanka Chopra showed off her perfect black dress. Nick Jonas’ wife shared the photos on her Instagram account, which has more than 86 million followers.

The screen star came to the capital of Great Britain as part of the promotional tour of the new series “The Citadel”. To go out, Chopra chose an elegant black dress with long sleeves and a closed neckline. The actress added laconic gold jewelry to her outfit and made her hair a neat bun.

Adding a dark image was a light manicure done in bright colors.

The carousel in the Miss World 2000 photo read, “The Castle has arrived in London… @citadelonprime @primevideo.”

Fans commented on the new image of the screen star, “Mission accomplished”, “Gorgeous and beautiful”, “Great ❤️ I miss you”.

Priyanka Chopra is actively promoting her new drama The Citadel. The actor had previously visited his hometown of India i.e. Mumbai.

The celebrity is raising a one-year-old daughter named Melty Mary, who was born at the end of 2021, with Nick Jonas, who is 10 years younger than her, with the help of a surrogate mother.

Recall that Priyanka Chopra showed her one-year-old daughter her first Easter in the family circle.

Moreover Focus She wrote about the shiny evening dress that Priyanka Chopra showed during the broadcast.

Source: Focus


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