Leonardo DiCaprio could be accused of environmental hypocrisy

Climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio risks being accused of eco-hypocrisy.

Leonardo DiCaprio runs the risk of being accused of environmental hypocrisy as he is seen taking off from a private airport from Porto Cervo in Sardinia. The Daily Mail writes about it.

The 48-year-old actor, a prominent climate change activist, boarded the plane at Olbia’s private airport with its own private jet terminal. He has traveled over 12,000 miles between the US and cities such as London, Milan and Paris in recent months.

The Wall Street’s Wolf star opted for a casual look for the ride with a black tee, blue jeans and white sneakers. A gray hat and sunglasses completed the player’s ensemble.

Earlier, DiCaprio was heavily criticized for using private jets that consumed a lot of gas. In 2016, she was ridiculed for taking an 8,000-mile private jet from Europe to New York to receive an award for her environmental activism.

Carbon emissions for private jets vary, but according to some sources they are 37 times higher than for commercial airplanes.

Recall that on the eve of Leonardo DiCaprio spent time on a yacht with a mysterious brunette.

Moreover Focus He wrote that Leonardo DiCaprio was trying to hide from the paparazzi when he was photographed surrounded by several girls at a Vogue and Chopard party in Cannes.

Source: Focus


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