Ideal for breakfast. Strawberry Pancakes recipe

It’s strawberry season now, so you can have delicious meals with this fruit.

Burrito is the best choice for breakfast. They can be prepared quickly and served with jam, honey, yogurt or fresh berries and fruits. And you can cook strawberry pancakes right away. The main thing is to take thick tasty kefir and choose sweeter strawberries.

Famous Ukrainian chef Volodymyr Yaroslavskiy shared his delicious pancake recipe.

Strawberry Pie


  • 170 g of kefir;
  • 80 g of strawberries;
  • 1 small egg;
  • 140 flour;
  • 45 g of sugar;
  • 6 g baking powder.

For sauce:

  • 150 g of strawberries;
  • 25 g of sugar;
  • a drop of lemon juice.

Mix kefir and strawberries in a deep bowl. And beat with a blender until smooth.

Add sugar and egg and mix. Add the flour and baking powder. The dough should have the consistency of thick sour cream.

Heat a frying pan and add odorless vegetable oil. If you still take coconut oil, the pancakes will get a delicious aroma. So, the choice is yours.

Spread the pancakes in the pan with a tablespoon and fry on both sides. Remember, they cook very quickly, so be careful not to burn them.

Now prepare a delicious sauce for pancakes. Heat the strawberries with the lemon juice and sugar in a saucepan until almost boiling.

Pour hot strawberry sauce over the cooked pancakes and serve. You can add whipped cream or unsweetened yogurt. You can even add ice cream.

You can also make a delicious lazy Napoleon cake from ready-made phyllo dough.

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