Jennifer Lawrence talks about the nude scene in the comedy ‘No offense’

It was “a lot of fun”, according to the actress.

Recently, the romantic comedy “No attack” was released, in which Lawrence plays the girlfriend of Maddie, who agrees to seduce young Percy in exchange for a car. The picture received an R rating for the scene in which the actress appeared completely nude, but there was nothing sexual in it, and Jen herself said it was “fun” to shoot. Variety writes about it.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence has no regrets for shooting her first full nude scene in Gene Stupnicki’s Sony Pictures R-rated film No Offense.

According to the plot of the movie, the hero Lawrence agrees to have a relationship with the son of a wealthy couple in exchange for a car. Because he has to continue working as a taxi driver to pay the tax on the house he inherited.

But Percy (Andrew Bart Feldman), whom Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) needs to seduce, turns out to be too modest and reserved. And in one of the scenes, when he finally manages to drag her into the ocean for a skinny swim, her clothes are stolen. Hero Jennifer must get out of the water to reclaim her property.

“Everyone in my life and on my team is always doing the right thing and saying, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure?’ And I didn’t even think about it. I had fun,” the actress admitted.

Jennifer also served as executive producer on the movie, and according to her, the movie turned out to be hilarious.

“Any situation these characters find themselves in, you’re laughing your ass off,” explained film partner Andrew Bart Feldman, noting that they bonded instantly and nothing on set seemed awkward or unsafe.

Without wasting a second, Lawrence turned to Feldman and asked, “Even when I put on my T-shirt and put you on a motorcycle? Did you feel safe?”

Feldman calmly replied, “I felt it was an extremely sterile and professional environment.”

“No Hard Feelings” took fourth place at the box office this weekend, grossing approximately $15.1 million from 3,208 US theaters and $9.5 million from 48 international markets, for a total of $24.6 million.

The $45 million, 103-minute sex comedy currently has an 88% viewership rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

remember before Focus He wrote about how the premiere of the movie “No Crime” was held in Kiev and who of the celebrities was at the show.

And Jennifer Lawrence had previously shocked the audience not with her role in the movie, but with her image at the Cannes Film Festival. The actress ignored the dress code, which included an evening dress and stilettos. Jennifer wore a dress but chose comfortable flip-flops instead of shoes.

However, this was not noticeable under the long skirt, and the actress showed off the shoes only as she descended the stairs. By the way, her gorgeous red dress was from Dior.

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