June 27, 2023: Prophet Elisha – what should not be done today?

Today you can not slander, fight and drink alcoholic beverages.

What happened today?

Today, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the prophet Elisha from Mount Carmel (Israel), heir to the prophet Elijah. Elisha performed miracles – for example, once in Jericho people complained that the water in the spring had gone bad, and Elisha regenerated it. The Prophet lived to a mature age and even after his death his relics continued to work miracles.

Things not to do on June 27:

  • slander, quarrel;
  • drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • loan money.

Folk signs and beliefs:

  • a large number of midges and mosquitoes – there will be a good harvest of mushrooms and berries;
  • horses neigh – for a good harvest of oats;
  • a rooster sings loudly at unusual times – a bad omen.

Angel Day is celebrated:

Alexander, George, Elisha, Methodius, Pavel, Mstislav, Nikolai, Vladimir, Yegor, Osip.

Born on this day:

1975 – Tobey Maguire, American actor known for his role as Peter Parker in the Spider-Man trilogy (2002-2007)

1991 – Denis Prokopenko, officer of the Ukrainian National Guard, a participant in the Russian-Ukrainian war, Hero of Ukraine.

Also on this day:

1663 – a Cossack council (Chernaya Rada) meets in Nizhyn, at which Ivan Bryukhovetsky is elected hetman of Left-Bank Ukraine;

1929 – for the first time a full color television broadcast system is demonstrated;

1931 – in the USA, inventor Igor Sikorsky received a patent for the invention of the first helicopter;

1964 – The monument to Taras Shevchenko was unveiled in Washington.

Source: Focus


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