TikTok launches a new challenge: “Break an egg on your child’s head” (video)

Parents invite their children to cook scrambled eggs with them and at one point film their reaction by breaking the egg on the child’s forehead. Such a challenge has already angered many users who say that adults humiliate children in front of millions of spectators.

There have already been quite a few weird challenges on social networks, but the last one that popped up on TikTok caused confusion and anger among a large number of users, and what many thought was funny was actually not funny at all. harmless. We are talking about the task of breaking the egg (“break the egg”). And everything would have been fine if this egg hadn’t been cracked on a child’s head, writes NDTV.

In the videos that flooded TikTok, parents, often mothers, are cooking in the kitchen with their child. At one point, they take an egg and crack it on the baby’s head and record the reaction on video. Such a step of the elder leads the child to extreme bewilderment and confusion. Some of the children laugh, others burst into tears of surprise. At the same time, their parents laugh out loud.

The network has already called such a challenge “child abuse” and accused parents of bullying their sons and daughters for likes on the social network.

“The kid hits an egg on the head at first, gets a little embarrassed and confused, thinks it’s a little funny, then they move on. Or they get so upset and go away. Don’t lose their mind”, “This stupid #eggcrackchallenge is child abuse. Seriously, your kid may have internal bleeding from his head or something. Stop it Like it. Be a good parent, don’t shout about yourself”, “It’s not like that. It’s funny when you hurt your child because of likes and opinions on social networks, breaking eggs or throwing a piece of cheese (another terrible option) Your children are not your decor, but too many opinions that will hurt him , no likes or interaction. Don’t make me ruin a single strand of my kid’s hair, hurt him, humiliate him. Not because of Elon who replied to me with 10 billion likes”, “I don’t know who needs to hear this but hit your kid on the head stupid ‘challenge’ on social media “An egg as part of the reading is absolutely unacceptable. This is a brutal attack on a child who relies on the affection and support of their caregivers,” the users wrote.

“When I watch these videos, I’m like, ‘Are we parents this bored and desperate for content?’ I think. Do we really need to post online because being a part of our world is so tiring? And a dopamine hit, plus likes and views now lay eggs on our kids’ heads in the hopes that in 2023, they’ll have a fun reaction that we can post publicly on the internet to entertain strangers? did we break it?” – An ardent opponent of this idea, Sarah Adams does not hide her anger, creating the “mom.uncharted” TikTok account. She focuses on exposing child exploitation and abuse on social media and mainly involves explaining why “sharing” (over-distribution of personal content about children on social media) is incredibly problematic. In particular, the author shared his thoughts on the trend.

“I could only digest a few videos of breaking eggs because I can’t find the slightest funny thing about a kid who’s happy to help his mom in the kitchen, looking confused, then hurt, then embarrassed. The guy who trusts his kid more than anyone else in the world giggling at his iPhone’s camera after what he’s done to Please.” Don’t be your child’s first bully Because that’s exactly it – bullying for the sake of content It’s not just funny. Really, there are lots of ways to make parenting content that’s funny and parenting – that’s not the right thing to do), but that’s not normal at all.

Previously Focus He wrote that parents in India were caught selling their children for the sake of iPhone.

Source: Focus


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