Bianca Censori replicated Kim Kardashian’s image but missed it

Similar to Kim, Bianca also seems to be trying to copy her style.

Kanye West’s wife-to-be, 28-year-old Bianca Censori, is in danger of soon looking stylishly resembling her predecessor Kim Kardashian, as some of her outfits are like two peas from an apple. However, if Kardashian has a reasonable sense of proportion and balance between sexuality and kindness, then Censori does it badly, which is probably her husband’s fault, writes The News.

Lastly, Bianca, who was in Italy with the rapper, once again made the people of the region smile with her choice of clothes. She walked the streets in tan pantyhose and a matching cropped top that left little room for imagination on the bust.

Kim once wore a very similar outfit from her own lingerie and homewear brand SKIMS, and it wasn’t long before she left West in 2021. True, she chose tights instead of tights, and the top, although similar in cut, did not shine. Both the top and bottom are made of matte fabric rather than glossy fabric, which made the Kardashian look much more modest.

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Many on the Internet are convinced that Bianchi’s overly sexualized and sometimes even vulgar imagery is the “virtue” of his man, famous for making Kim Kardashian a fashion icon in her time.

But if Kim has conquered the fashionable Olympus with her outfits, it looks like Bianca won’t shine much. But he faces a fine of up to 10,000 euros and even a prison sentence in an Italian prison for inappropriate appearance. The Italians at least want the authorities to pay attention to the guests and punish the American couple.

Meanwhile, body language experts are starting to sound the alarm, believing there are obvious problems in the relationship between Kanye and Bianca. Israeli psychic Inbaal, for example, in an interview with The Mirror, drew readers’ attention to the fact that the girl was trying to move away from the West, as evidenced by her raised shoulder.

According to Inbaal, this shows that Censori wanted to preserve his individuality in relationships and was unconsciously trying to create a different space from the popular American musician.

Remarkably, this body language pattern is not a new phenomenon in relation to the West. Inbaal noted that tense shoulders are evident in photos of Bianca Censori before she met her husband. The psychic emphasized that the Australian always takes risks and his success is inextricably linked with love for people. Thus, gestures asking for approval and tension in his shoulders are traits that have been present throughout his life.

Previously Focus He wrote that Bianca starred almost naked in a clothing commercial.

Source: Focus


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