In white: Kim Jong-un appeared in public with his daughter again

Said to be the heir to the North Korean dictator, Kim Joo Ae accompanied his father on the occasion of Navy Day.

Kim Jong-un reappears with his heirs prophesied daughter Kim Joo-e. The girl, who is about ten years old, has recently been constantly accompanying her father at all important events. And she met with the military the other day on the occasion of North Korean Navy Day. She writes about it on NBC news.

Kim Jong-un visited the Navy headquarters in North Korea and posed for a group photo with the military wearing all-white uniforms for the occasion.

He was wearing a light cream colored suit and his daughter Kim Joo-ae’s outfit clearly reflected the military style. The white jacket is adorned with gold details and a brooch. This was Zhu E’s first public appearance since May. Since November, Kim’s taking him to a series of public events has sparked speculation about his political status and raising himself as his successor.

Later, Kim Jong-un was joined by his sister Kim Ye-jong and his wife Lee Sol-ju at the gala dinner.

Kim said nuclear weapons will be deployed to the Navy as the United States and its allies begin new exercises.

In his speech on Monday, Kim said the waters off the Korean Peninsula had become unstable “due to the danger of nuclear war” due to US-led military action.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said his country’s navy would become “a component of the state’s nuclear deterrence” after the United States, South Korea and Japan held tripartite naval exercises to combat North Korea’s growing nuclear threats.

The US and South Korean armies have been holding separate bilateral summer exercises since last week. North Korea sees such exercises involving the United States as rehearsals for the invasion, but Washington and its partners say the exercises are defensive in nature.

Kim said that in accordance with the government’s decision to expand tactical nuclear weapons operation, the military units of each service will be equipped with new weapons.

This indicates that North Korea will deploy new nuclear-capable missiles for its navy.

He also called for his armed forces to be constantly war-ready to “thwart rivals’ plans to invade his country.”

But he didn’t stop there, calling President Joe Biden, South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida “gang bosses”.

North Korea often responds to US and South Korean military exercises with its own missile tests. Last Thursday, the second attempt to launch the spy satellite into space failed. It was claimed that Kim had observed the test firings of strategic cruise missiles on the day of the exercise.

North Korea has conducted more than 100 weapons tests since early 2022; most of these included nuclear-capable missiles designed to hit the United States, South Korea and Japan. Many experts say that North Korea ultimately wants to use its increased military capacity to seek further concessions from the United States.

Recall that Kim Joo Ae’s next public appearance with her father once again provoked rumors that he was his heir, despite having brothers.

South Korean officials claim that Kim failed to appoint him as his heir. They believe that Kim is probably trying to use her daughter’s public appearance to show the public that one of her children will one day assume power; this will be the country’s third hereditary power transmission.

Meanwhile, in North Korea, Kim Jong-un’s daughter is not well liked for her blooming appearance. While ordinary people are starving, the fact that young Kim Joo Ae is almost as tall as her father and looks “chubby as the moon” is infuriating.

Source: Focus


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