August 31, 2023: Martyrs Florus and Laurus – what cannot be done today?

You can’t deal with horses and fights today.

What happened today?

Today the Orthodox Church commemorates the martyrs Florus and Laurus. They were brothers who lived in Byzantium in the 2nd century and worked as stonemasons, but while all the money earned in construction was given to the poor, they were constantly praying. They once managed to heal a man whose eye was damaged by a piece of stone with the help of prayers. Soon the brothers were sentenced to a terrible death for their faith in Christ.

Things not to do on August 31:

  • dealing with horses;
  • to dispute;
  • wash the windows.

Folk signs and beliefs:

  • horses grunt and move with their feet – the weather will deteriorate;
  • crimson dawn – to windy and rainy weather;
  • clouds float low – soon there will be bad weather.

Angel Day is celebrated:

Barnabas, George, Gregory, Dionysius, Eugene, Emilian, Hilarion, Leo, Luke, Macarius, Michael, Flor, Christopher.

Also on this day:

1898 – official opening of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute;

1907 – Entente formed;

1919 – The Active Army of the UGA and UNR liberates Kiev from the Bolsheviks;

1995 – Ukraine’s first research satellite, Sich-1, is launched into low Earth orbit.

Source: Focus


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