Kamaliya showed how their daughter’s birthday was (photo)

Mirabella and Arabella celebrated their first anniversary.

46-year-old Ukrainian singer Kamalia showed new photos from her daughters’ birthday. The artist posted festive shots on Instagram.

On September 6, 2023, Mirabella and Arabella, daughters of Kamalia and Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor, celebrated their first anniversary, namely their 10th birthday. And the other day the stage star showed a few more photos from the holiday.

The Ukrainian celebrity addressed the heirs as follows: “I cry looking at my daughters’ birthday photos😢 How I miss them! My dear, what grown-up girls❤️”

In the photo, the birthday girls pose with their parents against the backdrop of a photo zone in shades of blue and yellow. Kamalia also showed off a pink cake with a crown.

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The singer’s subscribers also added to the congratulations: “Peace and goodness to everyone, best wishes to you all”, “Very beautiful girls”, “Good family. Be happy and peaceful to our Ukraine.”

Note that Kamalia and Mohammad Zahoor announced their divorce in the spring of 2023 after 20 years of marriage. They are raising two children together, so they spend quite a lot of time together.

Let us also remind you that Kamalia shared an archived video of herself singing with Italian singer Toto Cutugno, who passed away in August 2023.

Moreover Focus He wrote about Mohammad Zahoor’s birthday.

Source: Focus


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