She believed in the words “Till death do us part”: Shakira talked about life with Gerard Pique

Shakira thought that her ex-boyfriend Pique would always be in her life. The couple was happy before his betrayal.

Singer Shakira, who broke up with football player Gerard Pique in June 2022, spoke candidly about the end of their 11-year relationship in an interview with Billboard on September 21.

“My priority was my home and my family. I believed in ’till death do us part’. I believed in that dream and dreamed of myself and my children,” she told the publication. She and Pique have two sons: Milan (10) and Sasha (8).

The Colombian hitmaker added that he hopes for an eternal love like that of his parents, who have been together for 50 years.

“They love each other with a unique and unrepeatable love, like the first day,” Shakira explained. “So I know it’s possible.”

“My mother does not leave my sick father. They still kiss. This has always been an example to me,” he added. “I wanted this for myself and my children, but it didn’t happen.”

Recalling her old love with Pique, the 46-year-old singer admitted that she had to put her music career on the back burner while living with the former professional athlete in Spain.

“The thing is that I was devoted to him, to the family and to him. It was very difficult for me to continue my professional career in Barcelona,” he said.

Shakira added, “I couldn’t leave my children and go somewhere outside the house and play music. It was hard to keep the rhythm.”

He said thoughtfully about the emotions he was currently experiencing: “I still think about it.”

“I’m still exorcising some demons. This is the last thing I have left,” Shakira added with a hearty laugh.

When asked if she was happy right now, Shakira replied: “That’s a very short question but a very long answer. I don’t think everyone can achieve happiness. It’s reserved for a very select group of people and I can’t do that.” I’m saying I’m part of the club now. There are moments of happiness, there are moments of reflection. “There are moments of nostalgia and my music now feeds on this cocktail.”

How did the kids manage to move to the USA?

As for her two children, the Grammy winner said they are well away from the spotlight after recently moving to the United States.

“The media situation was difficult for them (in Barcelona). There were paparazzi on our doorstep every day,” he explained.

“Here they are normal kids enjoying a normal life; school is what it should be: a safe haven where they can be themselves. And because they are social and quite open, it has been easy for them to adapt,” Shakira said.

Career continuation

The singer has been recording new music in the studio since returning to Miami in May and plans to tour in 2024.

This year it has already achieved two first places in the rankings: “Sessions” and “TQG”. It has had six hits on the chart in the last 12 months. The music references her separation from Pique and the range of emotions it evoked, from intense anger to deep sadness to faint hope. But no matter how painful the process of turning these emotions into music was, the result was that the star once again became one of the world’s most popular artists in every language.

Previously Focus He wrote that Shakira appeared in a luxurious gold dress at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

Source: Focus


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