Antin Mukharsky told why he did not go to war and why he did not communicate with his children

The entertainer wrote an article in which he said that he turned 55 and decided to take stock of his life.

Antin Mukharsky admitted that he was engaged in territorial defense from the beginning of the large-scale Russian occupation, but never decided to go to the front. He wrote this and more in an emotional post on Facebook.

Muhharsky, who started his message with historical references, said that he was born “at the height of the sexual revolution, in the year of the Prague Spring and the student uprising in Paris.”

“Czechs rebelled against the Soviets, left-wing students rebelled against capitalist conservatives. The windows of the Kalinin Hospital (where I was born) overlooked the winter shelters of the Kiev Zoo, full of monkeys. I still don’t know if I’m smart or handsome.” ?” the entertainer joked, noting that self-irony was his favorite intellectual virtue.

Mukharsky admitted that at the beginning of the war with Russia he went to the Vasilkovsky territorial defense and “almost killed the SBU officer who, together with his comrades, was going to take the Russian DRG.” This is called “friendly fire”. ”

According to Mukharsky, he realized that war was very scary and started volunteering.

“You cannot do anything to avoid falling into the trench. You and your wife collected more than 7 million hryvnia for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You are real heroes.”

The entertainer also admitted that he believes in God and feels that Jesus is “his brother, his friend, his comrade in arms, his colleague, but certainly not a slave.”

He noted that he does not communicate with his children, who have five children. “The kids don’t communicate with me. I have five of them! For some, dad is a Bandera fascist. For others, who knows what… People say I’m toxic,” the entertainer wrote. Antin Mukharsky, son of the famous Ukrainian director and actor Dmitry Mukharsky, has been married three times.

He has two daughters from his first wife: Sofia (1991) and Ivanna (2006).

He was married to actress and TV presenter Snezhana Egorova between 2006 and 2015 and divorced in 2014. Snezhana and Antin have three children: daughter Arina (2010) and two sons, Andrey (2007) and Ivan (2012).

The divorce was scandalous, Snezhana accused her husband of not paying alimony, said that he forbade her to see the children.

Mukharsky married art critic Elizaveta Belskaya in 2017.

Source: Focus


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