Boiled or omelette. How to Cook Eggs for Maximum Health Benefits?

Boiled eggs and scrambled eggs are an easy and convenient way to fuel your body protein but the question is which of these methods has more nutritional value and will benefit your body more.

Eggs are rich in protein, an essential nutrient required for the body’s growth and development. This is especially important for those who are actively involved in sports and strive to build muscle. It would seem that it does not matter in what form eggs are eaten, but arguments often arise about which is healthier: boiled eggs or an omelet? OnlyMyHealth writes about this.

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Boiled egg

Boiled eggs are an excellent source of protein, which is essential for muscle development and recovery. Two medium-sized chicken eggs contain more than 12 g of protein. Eggs also contain plenty of vitamins A and D, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Eggs are rich in antioxidants that prevent age-related eye degeneration, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Eat in Moderation: 3 Surprising Foods That Raise Cholesterol

Regular boiled eggs contain a minimum of calories, which makes this product a dietary product – an ideal option for those who monitor their health and struggle with excess weight.

Egg yolk contains large amounts of cholesterol. But Harvard Health Publishing reports that recent research shows that cholesterol in our bodies is produced primarily by the liver by converting saturated and trans fats. Dietary cholesterol cannot significantly affect blood cholesterol levels and therefore cannot trigger the development of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke.


Eggs can be used to make a hearty omelet by adding a variety of ingredients such as vegetables or cheese. However, protein content will vary depending on the ingredients added.

If you add vegetables to the omelette, it will be a very nutritious and healthy meal, but additional ingredients such as cheese and butter can cause the omelette to be very high in calories and fat.

The cholesterol content of an omelet depends on how many eggs you use to prepare it. You can regulate the amount of cholesterol by changing the amount of white and yellow in the omelet.

Fry or boil?

In the boiled egg vs. omelette debate, the answer depends on how you prepare the omelette. If you compare the nutritional profile, you’ll see that both options are equally healthy, but you can cook the omelette without added egg yolk, thus reducing your cholesterol intake. Plus, omelets are an easier way to boost your nutrient intake when paired with vegetables.

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