“He will be missed”: A reality TV star died under mysterious circumstances in the USA (photo)

Extreme weight loss star Brandi Mallory is described by her friends as a very positive person. She managed to lose 68 kilos during the show.

Brandi Mallory, 40, who became famous for her participation in the reality show about extreme weight loss, died under strange circumstances, Daily Star reported.

She became famous for losing 150 pounds (68 kg) during the fourth season of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss.

What happened

Mallory was found dead in the Chipotle parking lot in Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA, on November 9.

The worried owner of a grocery store with a parking lot next door saw him in his car and immediately called the police, thinking he was asleep at the wheel.

Police reports state there is no sign of foul play and they are currently investigating the cause of death.

What his friends say about him

Her friend Jane said Brandi Mallory was an “eternal optimist” and a very positive person. To him, Mallory is a “very great person” who he will “miss.”

“He never complained or found fault with anyone or anything. He was full of life, always looking for a way to make life around him better and also encourage everyone around him,” Jane said.

Friends also describe Mallory as a friendly person by nature. She always remained herself.

“It’s really hard to understand when someone like Brandi leaves,” her friend Jane said.

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Source: Focus


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