December 3, 2023: Prophet Zephaniah – what not to do today

you can’t do it today eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, as well as borrow and lend.

What happened on this day?

Today the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the prophet Zephaniah. This is one of the twelve minor Bible prophets who wrote the Book of the Prophet Zephaniah, which is the ninth among the books of the “minor prophets”. The saint predicted God’s terrible punishments that would fall on Jerusalem, because the city did not come close to God, the princes and priests were evil, they desecrated the shrines and did not keep the laws. According to his prophecy, after God’s punishment will come forgiveness. The prophet also predicted the birth of the messiah Jesus Christ.

Things not to do on December 3:

  • eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products;
  • have fun and shout;
  • borrow and lend.

Popular beliefs and signs:

  • bright stars – expect a blizzard;
  • loud singing of birds means melting ice;
  • there is already snow – next year there will be a bad harvest;
  • Birds are flying low – there will be bad weather;
  • firewood crackling on the stove – frost will come soon;

Angel Day is celebrated:

Andrey, Gavrilo, Georgy, Efrem, Ivan, Nikolay, Fedor.

Born on this day:

1722 – Grigory Skovoroda, Ukrainian philosopher, poet, teacher;

1948 – Ozzy Osbourne, English rock musician, singer and songwriter.

And also on this day:

1992 – first SMS message sent;

1994 – Sony introduced its first game console, PlayStation, to the world;

2004 – The Supreme Court of Ukraine made a decision that the results of the presidential elections held in Ukraine on November 21, 2004 were falsified (the actions of the Central Election Commission were declared illegal and the CEC protocol was invalid).

Source: Focus


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