What shoes to wear with a long skirt: 5 best options for 2024

Denim, pleated, transparent maxi skirts will be very popular next year. Appropriate shoes will help make any look with a long skirt harmonious and complete.

Maxi skirt is one of the trends of 2024. It will pair well with everything from chunky knits to graphic tees. To make the appearance of this item interesting and complete, you need to correctly choose not only the top, but also the shoes. Who What Wear named five shoe options for different seasons that will harmoniously complement a long skirt combination.

Heeled boots and boots

Choose a leg-lengthening maxi skirt and pair it with heeled boots. Increasing your height by a few inches and adding a streamlined silhouette, plus the peace of mind that winter weather won’t stain your skirt, is the easiest way to keep your maxi looking chic this winter. Let’s add that denim skirts will return again in 2024. Swap out the lightweight version for a deep indigo color for a seasonal update.


Stylish and simple sneakers always look great with long skirts. An eye-catching silhouette, casual sneakers add a casual twist to a long-skirted outfit for a truly chic look.


Maxi skirts and open-toe heels go perfectly together. The single strap at the toe makes this classic high-heeled shoe even more striking.


The contrast of a casual maxi skirt and stylish loafers is a good way to balance the proportions of the outfit. Wear thick tights or socks on cold winter days. A bonus of the ensemble are gray or red tights that will look amazing with a long skirt in any cool season.

Pointed Toe Boots

The great thing about maxi skirts is their ability to instantly lengthen your figure and balance your proportions. Continue the flair of this sleek silhouette by adding pointy-toe boots.

Previously Focus He wrote how to make shoe soles non-slip.

Source: Focus


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