Yuri Loza almost got stuck under an icicle on his birthday

The artist believes that if he had gone out a little earlier, he could have died. A friend of the artist assured that he was born wearing a shirt.

Russian singer Yuri Loza, known for the song “Raft”, said in the program “You Won’t Believe” that he almost died on his 70th birthday. Telegram channel “NeMalakhov” writes about this

The artist celebrated his anniversary on February 1. He stayed home for a while while he was getting ready to go to an event. While he was inside, a large icicle fell on the windshield of his expensive car. He broke the glass.

According to Loza, if he had left earlier, he would have likely suffered pain from ice falling on his head.

Actor Anatoly Zhuravlev found something positive in what happened, saying that Loza was born wearing a shirt and new glass brings money.

On his 70th birthday, Loza Dao gave a concert at the Mochkovo restaurant. Performances in such establishments and royalties for songwriting are his main income. He is known in Russian show business as the “chief truth teller”, so those he criticizes do not really want to communicate with him. This was also reflected in his demand: Loza is rarely invited to concerts and festivals.

In Ukraine, Loza is known for his scandalous statements. He specifically stated that there was a “civil conflict” in our country in the spring of 2022, criticized the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and supported Putin’s policies. For this he was subjected to sanctions.

Previously Focus He wrote about the conflict between Yuri Loza and Sergei Shnurov.

Source: Focus


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