Ben Affleck’s ex-wife flashed the Avengers star on the Walk of Fame (video)

The actors starred together in the cult comedy “13 Going on 30” in 2004. They have maintained a warm relationship ever since.

Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, 51-year-old American actress Jennifer Garner, came to support her 56-year-old colleague Mark Ruffalo at the unveiling of the actor’s personal star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, People writes.

Jennifer and Mark starred together in the hit 2004 comedy “13 Going on 30,” so it’s no surprise they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to repeat their famous dance routine on Hollywood Boulevard. Ruffalo shared the images on his social networking page.

“How lucky are we to be in a movie where kids still dress up for Halloween? I wonder if my colleagues Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley will agree that Mark owes this rom-com success to his messy hair for the next 20 years.” Both have become the norm for lovely men throughout. I wonder if these respectable ladies loved Mark’s restlessness as much as I did? Did he try to give up on his movies? After our first Thriller dance rehearsal, Mark fell into a tense, deathly silence, surprised that we had to do this. .” Bro, this isn’t for me… Working with you, Mark, means loving you, I don’t care what anyone says,” Garner said in his acceptance speech.

He emphasized that the actor’s work in “Poor Sods” “deserves all the awards.”

“But the real success is how excited and happy your colleagues are to be able to lift your spirits and celebrate you. Every time your name is mentioned, Hollywood takes a collective deep breath and says, ‘OK, something good and right happened,'” Garner added.

Ruffalo is the 2,772nd person to receive a star on the famous boulevard. became famous. He is most famous for his role as the green superhero Hulk.

In addition to Garner, David Fincher, who directed Ruffalo in the 2007 film Zodiac, actor Timothy McNeil, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, actors Barry Keoghan and Lili Reinhart, and Avengers director Joss Whedon came to congratulate Mark.

At the opening ceremony of the star, the actor thanked his family.

My children, Bella, Keen and Odette, you have taught me so much; “To be a father, to be a husband, to be an actor and this is your star, my whole family, even though you may not understand it for a while,” he told his three children.

Warm words were also spoken to the actor’s grandmother.

“My grandmother was sending me $20 a week in an envelope and there was a note: ‘I believe in you. Don’t stop. You can do anything,” Ruffalo shared.

Previously Focus He wrote that Mark Ruffalo was among the protesters.

Source: Focus


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