“I do not support this”: Dzidzio tells how he feels about mobilization and draft dodgers (video)

Mikhail Khoma believes that everyone should mind their own business. Especially since the first days of the war, many names from show business have been giving charity concerts for the army and raising money for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ukrainian singer Dzidzio (stage name of Mikhail Khoma) believes that mobilization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine should not be complete and everyone should be in their own place. He talked about this in an interview with journalist Anna Olitskaya.

The singer said, “We are not a stupid state that can afford to push people to such a place. However, when there is a reasonable leadership, the will appears in everyone.”

Dzidzio also talked about how he felt about artists, politicians and volunteers becoming a “separate caste” that doesn’t fight. According to the musician, artists and volunteers are doing a lot in the rear to bring victory closer.

“We raise money every day. Me and Alexander Ponomarev have collected more than three million dollars worldwide. From the first days, which was the worst, we went to the military and performed in those halls,” the singer said.

Dzidzio also spoke about his attitude towards the men who managed to go abroad and rest there during the war:

“I do not support this. I am leaving because I was invited. I will bring money to the country, I will show it and reach people’s hearts so that people will give money,” he said.

Let us remind you that at the beginning of October 2023, the winner of the “Dancing with the Stars” contest, Zhenya Kot, told why she was not fighting at the front. He noted that he did not hide from mobilization and did not refuse to defend our country. Zhenya Kot also said that he had health problems, so he was not fit for military service and could not go to war.

And on October 5, 2023, we wrote about where Garik Bircha, the main character of the TV series Vitalka, disappeared from television screens. The actor decided to defend his homeland immediately after the Russian Federation’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Source: Focus


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