Producer reveals that Ivan Klimenko is accused of collaborating with the Russians

Igor Klimenko does not hide the fact that before the full-scale war there was such a page in his biography that he worked with the Russians. But now he says he regrets it.

The presenter of the Iceland TV channel Sergei Ivanov accused the famous 37-year-old Ukrainian producer and songwriter Igor Klimenko of collaborating with Russian artists, calling him a “collaborator”. He stated this in a recent episode on YouTube.

Igor Klimenko did not want to remain silent and responded to the accusations. In particular, he called the information slanderous and fake.

In the statement, Sergei Ivanov stated that Klimenko wrote a song called “7 Commas” for Russian singer Yuliana Karaulova, which premiered on May 11, 2022.

It turns out that Klimenko is indeed his work, but it was written more than 9 years ago. He sold it again in 2015. The producer also showed photographic evidence to prove his words.

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“It often happens that an artist acquires a song and then releases it 5, or even 8 years later, as in this particular case. I can also provide evidence and confirmation for any song I am the author of (then it was written and sold.) With the onset of large-scale occupation “I have not written a single song for Russians and have not been involved in any collaborations with Russian artists,” said Igor Klimenko.

In his note, Klimenko also stated that he regretted actually collaborating with Russian actors before the large-scale war of which he was ashamed, and that he wanted to apologize to the Ukrainians for this.

“Yes, I was wrong, I understand! But since the beginning of the full-scale invasion I have not had a single collaboration with any Russian artist. Personally, I have long switched to communicating exclusively in Ukrainian (both in the family and at home) Klimenko has long told myself that I will never write songs in Russian again “And I promised not to work with artists from the aggressor country,” he said.

Let us remind you that we previously wrote that a well-known Ukrainian publishing house was suspected of having ties to Russia: bookstores reacted.

Source: Focus


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