April 16, 2024: Martyrs Agapia, Irene and Chionia – what not to do today

Today you cannot sing, have fun or drink alcohol. Whatever the weather is today, so will it be for the rest of May.

What happened on this day?

Today the Orthodox Church commemorates the martyrs Agapia, Irina and Chionia. These are 3rd-4th. They were three orphan sisters living in Italy in the 19th century. They lived a religious life and were inaccessible to fans. Then the emperor decided to marry them in Macedonia, but they did not want to give up their faith and get married there. The local ruler wanted to take them by force, but he immediately went crazy. For this the girls were executed.

Things not to do on April 16:

  • sing and have fun;
  • to drink alcohol;
  • slander;
  • loan.

Folk signs and beliefs:

  • The weather will be the same throughout May as it is today;
  • cool and windy – summer will be the same;
  • heavy rain – summer will be hot;
  • thunder – to the grain harvest.

Angel Day is celebrated:

Leonid, Irina, Galina.

Born on this day:

1889 – Charlie Chaplin, British and American film actor, director, screenwriter, composer, producer, winner of three Oscars and other awards;

1927 – Benedict XVI (in the world Joseph Alois Ratzinger; mind. 2022), 265th Pope (2005-2013);

1962 – Antony Blinken, American statesman, US Secretary of State (since 2021).

Also on this day:

1632 – Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was founded;

1995 – Ukraine’s international dialing code “380” began operating;

2000 – in the referendum, the majority of Ukrainians support the idea of ​​​​reducing the total number of deputies in Ukraine from 450 to 300, depriving them of immunity and the president’s right to dissolve parliament;

2000 – Georgy Gongadze and Elena Prytula found Ukrainian Truth, the first Ukrainian-language online publication.

Source: Focus


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