Rebel Wilson reveals how a member of the royal family invited her on a drug binge

The actor did not admit who he was. However, he stated that he was “15th or 20th in line to the throne”.

American comedian Rebel Wilson continues to share her shocking memories in her memoir Rebel Rising. She has previously called actor Sacha Baron Cohen rude and now claims an unnamed member of the royal family invited her to a medieval drug binge at the home of an American tech billionaire. The Daily Mail writes about this.

Rebel does not name the royal family member in question but says the incident occurred in 2014. And the royal children were a long way from the throne: 15th or even 20th in the line of succession.

The 44-year-old actress said she wore a “twirly maiden outfit with a cone hat” and watched “British royalty walking around”.

“I got a last-minute invitation to a tech billionaire’s party; the guy who invited me, fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne, said to my boyfriend, ‘We need more girls,'” Rebel recalls.

“The party was crazy. Men were racing across the field on horses, girls dressed as mermaids were swimming in the pool,” Rebel wrote in her memoirs. And he described the property where the party was taking place quite accurately. According to him, this was a huge piece of land on the outskirts of the city, so all those invited were given rooms to spend the night.

“There’s a big private fireworks show and suddenly it’s two in the morning and a guy comes out with a big tray of what looks like tons of candy. ‘Oooh, is that candy?’ I said, “No, it’s “Molly.” [МДМА]“Oh, this is for an orgy… orgies usually start with stuff like this around this time,” Rebel wrote.

He said his comment about the Windsors needing more girls was starting to make a lot more sense.

Rebel said, “They weren’t talking about boy-to-girl ratio, like an eighth-grade disco. They were talking about an orgy!” He explained that he did not stay for the sex party but “got it”. “Skirt” he said and ran away from there.

The memoir will be published in the UK on April 25 and has already sparked controversy in the US.

The Australian actress initially claimed she was facing legal action after devoting an entire episode to her harrowing experience working with an unnamed former co-star. It later turned out we were talking about Sacha Baron Cohen, and he was the one Rebel called a “scum” in her book.

Source: Focus


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