A show dedicated to the 5-star YS Couture brand by Yanis Stepanenko was held in Kiev

Designer Yan Stepanenko has created a new Live & Bloom collection.

The 25th edition of the last fashion show was dedicated to the 5th brand of YS Couture by Yanis Stepanenko, its spring collection and archive iconic models at the Veranda art restaurant on the Dnieper.

Designer Yan Stepanenko created a new Live & Bloom collection literally in the first days of spring. “This collection is very light, light and honest,” the designer told the guests.

This collection is a tribute to feminine strength and tenderness, elegance and lightness. This is the story of special women living their lives.

The main color scheme of the collection varies from pistachio to fondant pastel. On the one hand, the collection is an allegory that appeals to structured forms as opposed to light, flowing fabrics. One of the spring looks in the collection brings out the spring color theme in the silhouette of a casual lilac bomber jacket with transparent guipure trim.

The collection uses the author’s hand embroidery techniques: a checkered cape, a jacquard fabric tapestry is combined with fine jewelry inlay made by hand, and a rough mat is combined with embroidery, an authentic symbol of the world.

The designer dedicated the brand to the 5th century and presented a collection of cult archive images. Zokrema Oscar-winning horn-stitched fabric, charismatic corset bodice and flowing chiffon train.

The name of the final was YS Couture. Top Model Tetyana Brik showed prosar a skinny white fabric. The art object features a decal of textures such as cross-over chiffon, stitched organza and tulle mesh. Romantic, bohemian but still inspired by modern reality. This is YS Couture style.

The partners of the event were ZARINA Jewelery House, Corpus Fine Art, Art Kitchen, Pavel Andryushchenko’s perfume boutique, Kacharovska and Pioniv House.

Irina and Vyacheslav Düdenki, Svetlana Volnova, Irina Ostrovska, Natalia Balabanova, Yulia Ermolaeva, Murat Nalkakioğlu, Anastasia Foxi came to greet the brand.

Source: Focus


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