Bermuda shorts, tennis shirts and bows: fashionable clothes for women in the summer of 2024 (photo)

If last year was the year of pink and Barbie style, this year you can increasingly see women in leopard print on the streets. Leopard pattern has become one of the trends of this year.

The trends of summer 2024 will not only be leopard print. Besides the floral style, fashionistas should not forget bows and much more. What clothes will be fashionable for women in the summer of 2024? Focus said personal stylist Natalya Dudina.

leopard print

The leopard print trend is definitely on trend this summer. This is a classic and bold pattern that can add a fun touch to any outfit.

“I won’t say much about it since you see the Leo print everywhere, the only thing I will add is that it does not go out of fashion, it periodically takes the top positions, it all depends on the cut. stylist, choose more basic items if you plan to purchase this product!

transparent clothing

Transparency is of particular importance this season and almost every brand has a “naked skirt”. According to the stylist, this summer 2024 trend can be worn with blazers, tucked-in shirts or voluminous t-shirts.


The trend of summer 2024 will also include military shorts of British origin – Bermuda shorts, which were once popular among men, but have been successfully adapted to women’s wardrobes in recent years.

According to Natalya Dudina, Bermuda shorts can be combined with anything, but we must take into account that they do not suit everyone, it is better to choose them for tall girls with long legs, so as not to distort the proportions.

Tennis T-Shirts

As the stylist noted, in the summer of 2024 the trend will be tennis aesthetics, which is confidently gaining momentum. We are talking about women’s polos, which are an alternative to t-shirts. According to Natalya Dudina, this summer 2024 trend looks neat and stylish.

pajamas for going out

Pajamas worn when going out will also be the trend of summer 2024. According to the stylist, this is a trend for those who like a more casual vibe. Natalya Dudina added that the aesthetics of pajamas will be as comfortable and useful as possible and can be combined both together and with other wardrobe items.

long vests

One of the main trends of summer 2024 will be long vests, which can be worn separately or added under a base layer (top, t-shirt, long), depending on the stylist.

floral pattern

Stylist for those who love romance

He recommends paying attention to products with floral motifs, especially those with voluminous flowers; This special edition will be trending in summer 2024.


Bows also took over the catwalk, so, according to the stylist, they have become one of the summer trends. Natalya Dudina recommends paying attention to bows such as ties in accessories and blouses, especially this season.

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Source: Focus


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