War for control of the Arctic will lead to world hegemony between the West and Russia

The invasion of Ukraine is another facet of the new world order that we are moving towards in the midst of Russia and China’s struggle with the West. A fight that has been going on for a long time in scenarios like the Arctic. Whether the balance of world hegemony shifts one way or another may depend on its control in the coming years, but for now, Russia is in a better position. Vladimir Putin took advantage of Navy Day to present Russia’s new naval doctrine. The doctrine by which he intends to draw his red lines for the West in the Black and Baltic Seas and in the Arctic Ocean. Five countries are competing for this territory of exceptional geopolitical and economic interest: Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark and Norway, although China is another player that is fighting alongside Russia for a piece of the Arctic pie. Due to melting, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans may have been connected by the North Pole. A NASA study has calculated that by 2030, Arctic sea ice could disappear completely in the summer, allowing a new commercial route alternative to the Suez Canal to open that is 40 percent faster. Until now, the extreme climate of these latitudes has kept these lands almost unchanged. Fish vein, diamonds, gold, rare earth elements needed for new technologies, as well as gas and oil. It is estimated that 13 percent of the world’s crude oil and 30 percent of the world’s gas are under its increasingly thin layer of ice. Russia is in a better position in this race for commercial control. This is the state with the longest Arctic coastline, which has been preparing for years. It has the largest fleet of icebreakers in the world, including nuclear ones. The situation is different in the military sphere, where the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO would tip the scales in favor of the West. Yes, at the cost of turning the Arctic into a new flashpoint in the ongoing struggle for a new world order. -Drafting-

Source: El Correo


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