In the United States announced the development of means to combat hypersonic weapons

Photo: © B. Gleason

The United States is working on the creation of means to combat hypersonic weapons. The corresponding statement was made by US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.

According to her, “serious funds” were allocated for these purposes, since the States intend to feel safe, TASS reports.

Hicks stressed that Washington is also developing its own hypersonic weapons. And supposedly there are even “promising developments”.

However, she refused to compare American capabilities in the field of hypersonic weapons with Russian ones. According to Hicks, this is not indicative and generally looks like a transition to thinking within the framework of an arms race.

Earlier, the Pentagon announced that the United States had successfully tested a hypersonic weapon. The device is manufactured by Raytheon Technologies Corp. exceeded the speed of sound five times during the test.

Raytheon’s head of missile division Wes Kremer said this was the third successful test of such a weapon since 2013. Kremer stressed that the development of hypersonic weapons is an important step for the United States.



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