Doctors of the Russian Federation pulled out fragments from a resident of the Kherson region who stepped on a mine

Photo: © video screenshot

In the Kherson region, an empty house was equipped as a point of medical care, one of the rooms is equipped for an operating room. According to the correspondentIzvestia” Emil Timashev, patients are treated here daily.

One of the local residents decided to go to the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at night, but stepped on a Nazi mine. She survived by a miracle. Russian surgeons helped her and pulled out the stuck fragments.

Surgeon Sergei Rovkin said that residents of the Kherson region almost every day turn to Russian specialists for help.

“Local residents treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, arthrosis, arthritis, problems with the spine. We do x-rays … anti-inflammatory therapy at a later stage,” – he shared.

Rovkin also added that patients come to doctors not only with health problems, but even after they have been eliminated, in order to undergo a follow-up examination.



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