The mayor of Guanajuato is ambushed and her escort rescues her.

The violence that exists in Guanajuato has reached the mayor of Moroleon, Alma Denis Sanchez Barraganwho fell into an ambush, from which she emerged unscathed thanks to the experience of her escort.

The events took place on August 26, after Alma attended a Family Sustainable Cities event in the city of Irapuato and was preparing to return to her municipality.

official He was driving an armored Grand Cherokee pickup truck. on the Irapuato-Salamanca highway when a car with armed men on board tried to block his way.

The mayor’s car was followed by two detachments with their escort, thanks to them and their driver, who performed defensive maneuvers, the attack of the aggressors was avoided and their attack was prevented. For their part, the attackers fled.

Both Sanchez Barragan and his personal security team are already in Moroleon and unharmed. The mayor’s truck has bumps on one side, caused by the car that was traveling with him trying to go around them.

Controversy around the mayor

Alma Denis Sánchez Barragán became President of the Municipality of Moroleón after the assassination of her mother, Alma Rosa Barragán Santiago, who was a candidate.

Barragán Santiago aspired to become mayor of the Movimiento Ciudadano party. May 25, 2021 she was holding a rally when she was shot.

The line of inquiry into the applicant’s murder was seen as a possible revenge on Fernando Tonatiu Sánchez Barragan, son of Alma Rosa Barragan, who is allegedly linked to Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CHNG).

The candidate’s family vehemently denied any connection to drug trafficking, but rumors of this again arose in connection with another controversy surrounding the current president of the municipality.

A photo of a luxurious $350,000 Lamborghini Huracán outside the municipal president’s building caused controversy as the mayor admitted the car was her property but assured she had nothing to hide.

Prior to entering politics, the Barragán family was known for being involved in textile production in the region and running garment companies in Moroleon.

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