Pilar Rubio revealed that she has sex with Sergio Ramos every day except when she travels to Madrid.

TV presenter and wife of Sergio Ramos, Pilar Rubio, admitted on the Movistar+ program La Resistencia that she had daily sex with the former Real Madrid player and the current PSG player.. Similarly, she revealed that the only days she can’t have sex with a centre-back are when she has to travel to Madrid, according to the MARCA portal.

Host David Broncano asked Rubio his usual indiscreet questions and wanted to challenge her to say how many times she had sex with Ramos. Faced with this reality, Rubio was not afraid and answered the following:We do it every day, except when I’m in Madrid, of course. I mean today because of you I can’t”, he said. Given this answer, the presenter was surprised and reminded that the couple had four children.

About Ramos bank account

Among other questions asked to the well-known presenter, he was asked how many zeros were in his bank account at the moment. Faced with this question, Sergio Ramos’ wife assured that he has 52 thousand euroswhich the presenter did not believe and asked him to name the real figure, to which Rubio replied that this was the amount that he sees on the current account.

“The biggest troll in history,” host David Broncano jokingly replied.

About Sergio Ramos at PSG

Sergio Ramos this year he had more minutes with PSG than last year, when he hardly counted on coach Mauricio Pochettino. This season, with the arrival of Galtier on the bench, the historic Spanish defender means much more to the team and is even a key part of the team system.

Ramos is in a team that is unsure about Kylian Mbappe’s future and also shares a dressing room with former enemies like Messi and Neymar with whom he has built a good group and will try to advance in the Champions League, which is the main goal of the Paris team.

Author: Arnaldo Fernandez
Source: La Opinion


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