At least 50 native tribes or nations of California oppose Proposition 27.

The Pechanga reported that at least 50 First Nations or Tribes of California oppose Proposition 27 for a variety of reasons, most notably because the proposal by online gaming corporations violates the provision that only Native Americans govern in that state. casino and games. chance.

“Proposition 27 was written and funded by gaming corporations from outside the state of California to have external control over games,” Pechanga said.

He said that if passed in the November election, the proposal would “legalize online sports betting by turning virtually every phone, tablet, computer and game console in California into a gaming device.”

The Pechanga Nation warned that this would increase the risk of underage gambling and gambling addiction.

He said it is primarily for these reasons that indigenous and tribal organizations oppose the proposal, which threatens tribal-run gaming to seize profits and control out-of-state online gambling.

The “No Proposition 27” campaign coincides with some of California’s Native American causes.

“Proposition 27, written and paid for by out-of-state corporations, is only for those corporations, not Californians,” the campaign reads.

He estimates that “90 percent of profits will leave the state without creating real jobs. And the tribes will have to give up their sovereignty in order to participate as legitimate administrators of casinos and gambling.

In addition, “Proposition 27 is deliberately designed to prevent anyone other than the largest national companies from obtaining state gambling licenses, thereby forcing the tribes to be indebted to these companies,” the campaign says.
But the offer also means that minors are at risk of surreptitiously gambling and becoming addicted to gambling.
“Proposition 27 deprives our schools of hundreds of millions of dollars by keeping their budgets from increasing and does not protect our children from gambling. This is one of the largest game expansions in the history of California, but it does not allow you to verify the age of the players, ”the campaign says.

For similar reasons, Proposition 27 is opposed by the California Teachers Association, the Law Enforcement Association, veterans, social justice organizations, and even homeless organizations, although the proponents of the proposal say they want to help the homeless.

The tycoons who introduced Proposition 27 say their intention is to help poor communities by giving them 10 percent of the profits they would have left in California and taking the other 90 percent with them.

But Californian tribesmen claim that these tycoons “wrote Proposition 27 not to help the homeless, but for their own benefit.”

Betting business groups will benefit from Proposition 27, including corporations such as BetMGM of New Jersey, FanDuel of New York and DraftKings of Massachusetts.

In their television campaign commercial, these corporations say they want to help Californians who are the hardest hit, but they don’t have the ability to create even one job or provide benefits in California.

Some tribes also recalled that California previously experimented with the California Lottery, which was supposed to solve the problem of a lack of budget for public education, but so far this has not been enough.

For similar reasons, California educators’ associations, federations and coalitions are also opposed, as are community advisory organizations in the state.

It is opposed by every California chamber of commerce, every law enforcement association, every elected official, consumer group, and every major newspaper in the state.

All this opposition is also reflected in the polls. According to the latest poll from the California Public Policy Institute released Thursday.

“Today, less than three out of ten party groups would vote yes on Proposition 27. In addition, less than four out of ten regional, gender, racial/ethnic, educational and material groups would vote yes,” the poll says. .

Author: Manuel Ocagno / Special for La Opinion
Source: La Opinion


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