10-year-old student charged with allegedly touching Florida health consultant’s chest

Juvenile studying at Holly Hill School in Florida. He has attracted the attention of his other classmates, several teachers, but above all some of the media who are eager to find out what prompted the health advisor to accuse him of molesting her.

According to the police report, A 10-year-old student has been convicted by a health consultant who claims the boy grabbed one of his breasts under the pretense of a gentle hug.

Allegedly, it all happened on October 24, when a woman went into her classroom to talk to her teacher.

It was there that the boy approached her for a hug, but she claims that the boy “turned to the side to hug her from the side”, and when he put his arm around her shoulder, “he took her left breast disrespectfully”. in a situation that was very uncomfortable for the woman, so “she threw out her hand”, as the apparent victim describes in her complaint.

Until now, The consultant’s identity has not been released because her complaint falls under the Marcy Act, a Florida law that allows alleged crime victims to remain anonymous.

In its turn, Relatives of the minor say the allegations are false, but the complaint led to school officials suspending the boy for several days.

In this regard, Lakesha Hollins, the child’s grandmother and legal guardian, gave an interview to USA Today in which she categorically rejects the arguments put forward by the health consultant in support of her complaint.

“There are no witnesses, this is his word against a child who is only 10 years old. My grandson said that she simply let go of his hand and then he returned to his seat to talk to the other students. We are talking about a child who was expelled from school for what could have been an accident,” he said.

Author: Evaristo Lara
Source: La Opinion


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