Thieves break windows with a sledgehammer to steal items from a jewelry store at the Antelope Valley Mall in Palmdale.

with a hammer a group of thieves smashed shop windows to steal jewelry from a kiosk this Tuesday afternoon at a mall in the city of Palmdale.

The attack took place at approximately 13:30 at a kiosk called Treasure Island at Antelope Valley Mall, 1233 Rancho Vista Blvd..

Witnesses to the robbery stated that three to four people approached the kiosk and With a big hammer, they began to smash exhibitors’ windows to steal jewels in a rout and rob..

The approximate amount of stolen jewelry was not disclosed.

There was a moment of chaos at the mall because, At the time when loud bangs were heard, some shoppers at the Antelope Valley Mall thought they were being shot they started screaming and trying to get away.

“It could have been worse. There were no shots or anything like that, but it was still pretty bold,” said one of the mall visitors.

“All the people ran to JCPenney and shouted that someone was shooting, but they were not shots,” the witness added.

This attack happened when retailers across the country report a sharp increase in looting, many of which are perpetrated by organized gangsWith.

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Author: Ricardo Roura
Source: La Opinion


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